Welcome to The Midland. This site is divided into two parts; a history of the Frederick family, and a history of The Midland Magazine, a publication established by the late John T. Frederick. We invite you to browse around and to explore the history of our family and of The Midland magazine.

The Frederick family history here in the U.S. began in the early to mid-1700s when the first Frederick family arrived from Germany and settled in Pennsylvania. The bulk of the family stayed there until the mid-1800s when John Mills Frederick moved to Illinois to marry Isabella Roberts. He briefly lived in Wisconsin while serving in the Civil War, but eventually moved to Corning, Iowa to settle. Here the family stayed until the early 1900s, when Oliver Roberts Frederick and his son, John Towner Frederick, purchased a large tract of land in northern Michigan to settle on. It is here, near a small town called Glennie, that the Frederick family remains.

The genealogical side of the site is divided into several different sections. We invite you to research our genealogical tree, view some photos, read the history of various family members, or to meet the current family members.

The rest of the site is devoted to John T. Frederick's publication entitled The Midland. Established in 1915, The Midland was a magazine devoted to publishing the works of midwestern writers who did not have the exposure necessary to get published in larger periodicals. John T. Frederick continued with The Midland until the Great Depression in 1933 forced it to finally close shop. Our hope is to keep the spirit of The Midland alive in these pages, so we have brought you works written by John T. Frederick, but never published.

One of the best compliments anyone can get is to receive praise from someone they have touched in some way. By sheer chance we came across Dr. Hugh Rank, a former student of John T. during his years at Notre Dame. We contacted Dr. Rank and asked him if he had any words he might share with us concerning John T. Dr. Rank provided these very warm and appreciative words.

As with any site devoted to family genealogy, this site will undergo a continuous evolution. As more research is done we will include the results here. There is still a great deal of work to be done, so changes to this site will occur as these pieces are fit into the puzzle. We hope you will come back and visit us often.

And one final word must be said about the logo on our site. John T. Frederick had originally developed one for his magazine, which can be viewed here. When we decided to create this site we wanted to update the logo some to a more modern theme. The new logo was developed by the incomparable Alexander Betinski of AlexBet.com. Our sincere thanks to him for his outstanding help and great creativity.

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